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Pole isn't one size fits all, so why should our classes be?   We offer a full range of classes from absolute Beginner to Advance, as well as dedicated classes in flexibility & strength training and spinning Pole. We also offer regular in-house & Guest Instructor Masterclasses/ Workshops to help you get involved in as much as you like to become as well rounded a Dancer & Poler as you aspire to be. All our classes are capped to 2 Members per pole and 6 Members per class in total; guaranteeing you a fully personalised learning experience to learn at your own pace and in a safe and effective way.


Our classes are split between 4 ability levels, which you can see below, with a dedicated syllabus of level-appropriate tricks, spins and combinations, as well as incorporating strength, flexibility and dance training. During your time in each level, you'll be guided through out Core Moves & Combinations needed to proceed to the next level. Each class will begin with a warm up and end with a cool down stretch. At Pivot we love incorporating all you learn in various sequences and combinations, rather than in isolation, as we believe this is the best way for our Members to increase their stamina, strength, confidence and creativity!  


Wondering which class is best for you?  Check below for our handy Class Guide & when you're ready, head to book!




If you're new to Pole, or you’ve had a  long break, this is the perfect place for you to begin your journey and at Pivot Pole Studio we believe that strong foundations are the very essence of a great Pole Dancer and athlete! Reclaim (or discover!) your confidence, improve strength, posture, flexibility, grace, and coordination. Within this 4-week programme you will learn the very foundations that all other Pole spins, poses and tricks are built upon. Learn how to move around the Pole with precision and control with a range of graceful spins, fluid transitions, fun floorwork and strengthening exercises. As well as learning loads of fun new moves you'll have the opportunity to choreograph a fun, short routine at the end of the 4 weeks! Pole is for everyBODY so there are no prerequisites or strength/ flexibility requirements for you to join. So come get out of your head and into your body! 

Once you've completed our 4 Week Course, you'll be welcomed to book into our weekly PAYG Intro Progression classes; attending as many times as you like to suit your schedule.

Got a question? Check out our Intro to Pole FAQS here.



Once you've completed our 4 Week Intro to Pole Series, the world is your oyster! From here you can attend as many classes a week as you like, at times to suit your schedule.


 In this class we'll continue to perfect what you've learnt during your Intro to Pole course, as well as give you plenty of other challenges such as climbing, sitting and one handed spins. Classes will be tailored to suit your ability, guaranteeing a personalised class with lots of Pole & Instructor time!

Prerequisites for this class is completion of our Intro to Pole Course (or equivalent elsewhere). This class is not suitable for complete Beginners.




This level is designed to challenge you to improve your core strength, flexibility and endurance and is for those Members who have confidently completed our P2 syllabus (or equivalent elsewhere). Prepare for a level where your feet barely touch the floor! Here we'll start introducing advanced moves and combinations to your repertoire, including arms only moves and moves with less points of contact with the Pole. We'll also work on higher intermediate and advanced low floor and floorwork.  Classes will be tailored to suit your ability, guaranteeing a personalised class with lots of Pole and Instructor time.

Prerequisites for this class are a strong aerial invert, shoulder mount, Extended Butterfly, Ayesha Prep, Leg Hangs & Laybacks.



You know what they say: Practice makes progress! Open Practice Sessions are a great opportunity to practice moves you have been training in class in a safe, supported and encouraging environment. There won't be any teaching of new moves, but your Instructor will be on hand if you need tips, pointers, or spotting for the moves you have been learning. It is also a great opportunity to meet other Members and spend time training with your friends! All dancers and aerialists are welcome!  Please note, no student-to-student teaching, or attempting tricks you have not been shown by a PPS Instructor are permitted in this session.

Prerequisites for this session are to have had one Pole class and enough to come in and train with. Come with a plan of action!




Once you have mastered the foundations of spinning and moving around the Pole with control from Intro to Pole (or equivalent elsewhere), you'll be invited to enrol in our P1 classes. Here, you will solidify the skills developed on Intro to Pole and add a range of arms only spins, more complex climbs, seated shapes, poses, floorwork and low flow combinations to your repertoire. We'll also start you inverting! Classes will be tailored to suit your ability, guaranteeing a personalised class with lots of Pole & Instructor time!

Prerequisites for this class are a basic climb, sit with no hands and one handed spins (such as Fireman, Back Hook, Front Hook and Attitude Spin). You'll also need to be able to Fan Kick.



If you're attending any of our Pole Classes from Intro Progression onwards and are looking for another class to attend, Mixed Level Pole is for you! Our Mixed Level classes are less structured than our regular levelled classes, but you'll be guided through a warm up, level appropriate conditioning, then have the opportunity to work on tricks, spins & combos from your current level with an Instructor.


This class is not suitable for complete beginners. Please check out our Intro to Pole Courses.



Want to get stronger for Pole? This is the class for you! So, expect to challenge yourself and look forward to the rewards! Every session will be a thorough workout both on and off the Pole, for all your muscle groups and improve your all-round fitness. Ideal for both Pole dancing as well as other disciplines and general health and well-being. You will see improvements in stamina and strength with each session and definitely notice the difference when taking part in other Pole dance classes from beginners to advanced lessons.

There are no prerequisites for this class. Everybody is welcome!




Are you ready for a new challenge? P2 really turns your Pole repertoire on its head! Building on your newly built strength and flexibility, P2 will focus introduce you to a range of beautiful inverted moves, poses higher up the Pole, more complex spins and combination as well as intermediate low flow and floorwork. Classes will be tailored to suit your ability, guaranteeing a personalised class with lots of Pole and Instructor time.

Prerequisites for this class are a strong invert & inverted Crucifix, Cross Knee Layback, arms only spins and Side Climb.



In this mixed level class, you will learn how to translate your existing Pole repertoire to the Pole when it's on spin mode. Spinning Pole brings a whole new aesthetic and level of skill to your Poling; you'll be hooked! It's also a great way of building up strength quickly! This class caters to all levels. For those who are new to Spin, you will learn simple spins, shapes and sits and for those with some experience, you will learn how to translate your skills on spin.

Prerequisites for this class are our Intro to Pole syllabus. We recommend taking a few P1 sessions t

o get to grips with sitting & climbing on static before booking. 



Aerial bodies are not just built in the air and flexibility classes are so much more than achieving crazy contorted shapes. Learn about your body in a way you never knew you could, decrease the risk of injury and improve your posture each week. . In this beginner friendly class, we’ll incorporate anatomy-based coaching to break down the science of how to stretch for your Middle and Front splits and build mobility and stability in your backs and shoulders; which muscles need to be strong and active and which muscles need to lengthen. With active flexibility drills that flow into one another to increase endurance, stability, and maximum body control to increase your flexibility and usable ranges of motion at a safe and realistic pace and in an efficient way for your body. We’ll also focus on the importance of breathing to achieve a positive mindset which you can continue on into your day.

Targeting muscle groups like your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, hip flexors, adductors ,shoulders, pecs, lats, upper back as well as less focused on groups such as glutes, core and hip flexors, this class is perfect for a range of goals whether it be improved posture, touching your toes, cobras, bridges or Pole specific tricks that require strong shoulder stability and mobility. Yoga mats, blocks and straps are provided but you are welcome to bring your own. We recommend wearing form fitting layered clothing which keep you warm and allow you to move freely. Bring socks, kneepads and water.