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Love pole and want to train at home? It's incredibly important that you invest in a high-quality and safe pole from a reputable brand. The brand of poles which we use and love at PPS is X-Pole. Pivot Pole Studio is an authorised reseller of XPole, and if you are purchasing your pole, or XPole accessories through the website, you will receive 10% off your order.

When choosing your pole, you will need to decide:

  • Which thickness you prefer (40mm, 45mm or 50mm)

  • The type of finish you want (chrome, stainless steel, brass, silicone, powder coated)

  • If you would like your pole to be static only, or static and spinning

The most popular pole with our students is usually the 45mm X-Pole X-pert in chrome. 

X-Poles are bottom-loading, which means that you don't need a ladder to put them up, and tension-mounted, which means that they won't damage your ceiling when installed correctly. They have a smooth surface from top to bottom, with no nasty gaps or protrusions at the joins to catch and pinch at skin. From the box, they fit ceiling heights of between 7ft 4ins and 9ft, and they can be made higher by purchasing extensions. Each pole comes with a detailed instruction manual, and is easy to install, even on uneven floors. If you get stuck, there is a comprehensive troubleshooting section on the X-Pole website, and a lot of helpful videos on YouTube. All poles come with carry cases. 

More information about the different types of pole available can be found on the X-Pole website 


Note: The pole thickness makes no difference to the price. Please note postage and packaging will be charged at an additional fee, confirmed at the time of ordering. Prices below are retail prices and do not include 10% discount; this will be applied upon ordering. 

X-pert (static and spinning) 
Chrome: £199.99 
Titanium gold: £229.99
Brass: £299.99 

Powder Coated: £199.99

Sport (static only) 
Chrome: £149.99 

Powder Coated: £129.99

X-stage Lite (static and spinny) 
Chrome: £559.99

Stainless Steel: £599.99
Brass: £699.99

Powder Coated: £599.99

Silicone: £599.99

If you would like to purchase a pole, please get in touch, answering all the questions in the bullet points above, and Jess will contact you to arrange payment and complete your order.

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