I'm new to pole and don't know where to start!

Firstly, congratulations on taking that first step towards your pole journey; We can't wait to welcome you to Team PPS!  If you’re brand new to Pole and haven’t done so yet, we recommend trying out a Taster Session with us. We run these regularly every month and are suitable for complete beginners. To book a Taster Session, head to our Schedule on our website, or follow the Book Now button on our Facebook page to select your chosen session from the Schedule. You can see all our upcoming sessions on our Facebook Events page.

If you enjoyed your Taster Session you can book our Intro to Pole 4-week Intro to Pole series. This is designed to teach you all the important fundamental techniques, terminology and skills that will help you progress on your pole journey. We feel this series is a great way to build a base level of strength for pole, get to know our studio, Instructors so you can make an informed decision and give you enough time to see if pole is for you or not. After you've completed your 4 week course, you can join in with our Intro Drop in classes for more flexibility and to add more moves to your pole repertoire before progressing onto P1. 

I've done pole elsewhere but I'm  unsure which class to book?

If you’ve done pole before and want to try classes, meet our Instructors, and see our studio before becoming a Member, you will be welcome to book into a class. Please get in touch with us at info@pivotpolestudio.co.uk to see which class would be best for you, or read our class descriptions here. You are also welcome to attend as many of our Practice Sessions on pay-as-you-go without becoming a Member of our regular classes.

Am I too big/ small / old / weak / unfit / inflexible to do pole?

Not at all. Anyone can come and enjoy our pole classes. There are absolutely no pre-requisites for strength, flexibility, or skill level to join any of our classes and whatever level you are coming in at we look forward to building upon whatever strength/ flexibility you have and achieve your goals.


There is no upper age limit to our classes (some of our Members are enjoying Pole and Hoop in their 60s!) however, you must be over 16 to join as a Member.


Many students start their training with no fitness/ dance background and thinking they are too weak. Throughout your training you’ll be given strengthening exercises to help with this, but the best thing you can do to build upper body strength is to practice! Just by trying what you are learning will start building muscle and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

Do your classes have a weight limit?

Our poles are professional, dual lined competition poles and have no weight limit. And no, you won't break our poles...

Do your classes have an age limit? 

There is no upper age limit to our classes (some of our Members are enjoying Pole in their 60s!) however, you must be over 16 to join as a Member.

How big are classes?

Our studio has 3 professional competition X-poles. We like to keep our classes small at 2 people per pole, which gives you plenty of time both training on the equipment and one-on-one time with your Instructor. Intro to Pole and Intro Drop In is capped at a maximum of 3 people per pole.

What should I wear to class?

For our pole classes we recommend shorts (3/4 leggings are suitable for Intro) and a vest top. Skin is needed for grip. There's no rush for you to rush to wear shorts but please bear in mind lots of moves will be impossible to do without skin contact. 

For our Flexibility & Stretch classes please wear something loose and comfortable to allow you to move but to keep you warm. We also recommend bringing socks.

For Filthy Friday Exotic Pole please wear something that makes you feel fantastic. Heels are optional but if wearing them, they must be indoor Pole specific heels only (such as Pleasers). Kneepads are a must and you can buy these in our store if you need them. 

For Pole Flow, please bring pole shorts, leggings, kneepads and socks. Our routines change from course to course!

Do you offer student discount?

Yes! We offer 10% student discount on all of our Class Packs (4, 8 or 12 classes), Practice Packs (4, 8 and 12 sessions) and Intro to Pole 4 Week Series! Simply enter the code PPS10STUDENT at checkout. Please note you will be required to bring, or send over in advance, a valid and up to date copy of your student ID otherwise you will be required to pay full price.

Is there parking at the studio?

Yes, there is free on-street parking outside the Biscuit Factory, where our studio is located. Please note, PPS does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss to personal property inside or outside of the studio, which includes the parking areas.

Are there changing facilities at the studio?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have changing facilities, but you are welcome to either come to class ready to go, or change in the studio.

How do I book a class?

Simply head to Book Online on our website and use the calendar to book your chosen classes. Don't forget to check out our Class Packs (valid for P1-3, Intro Drop In, Flexibility & Stretch, Pole Conditioning, Spinning Pole and Practice) under Memberships before you book your classes; you could be saving money when buying in bulk!

You'll need to sign up as a customer, read and agree to our T&C's, Studio Etiquette and complete a short health and safety form before you can book classes. This all takes only a couple of minutes!

How do I cancel a class?

All classes, including PAYG, are paid in advance and wholly non-refundable at the time of booking. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all classes (unless specified, such as workshops and 1:1 sessions) where a credit will be reapplied to your account (it will still retain it's original expiration date). You can cancel your class by logging into your account and unbooking on your Profile. We recommend you do this to open a space up for other Members. Your account will be credited accordingly. For any classes cancelled within 24 hours of the class will be lost and not reimbursed in any way.

1:1 sessions have a 48 hour cancellation policy where a credit will be reapplied to your account. 

For courses, such as Pole Flow and Filthy Friday, you do not need to cancel  your space if you cannot attend one of the 2 weeks. Simply drop us an email to let us know you cannot make it. 

What happens if I am late for class?

We ask for all Members to be at the studio at least 10 – 15 minutes before class is due to begin. We have a strict door policy, as we are located in a secure building with no buzzer system, so you will be asked to wait outside and will be let in 5 minutes before class. Classes will start at the specified start time, so to remain fair to your Instructor and other Members, we do ask for you to arrive early. In the interest of safety, if you miss the warm up you will not be permitted into class.

Please note calls/ texts/ social media messages will not be seen or responded to if you are late and trying to enter the building as Instructors full attention will be on the class and we are not insured to leave classes unattended to come let latecomers in.

There will be no reimbursement for sessions missed due to lateness.

How does the waitlist work?

Our classes are very popular, which means we offer a waitlist option. Waitlist spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. You'll be given 20 minutes to either confirm or reject your waitlist spot should a spot become available. You'll get an email and you can also sign up for text notifications if you cannot access your emails during the day. 

How do I sign up for text notifications?

Sometimes you can't access your emails easily, so did you know you can also sign up for text notifications if a space becomes available in a class you're on the waitlist for?

It's free and easy to sign up! Just follow these steps to do so.

How do I choose which Class Pack to pay with?

Do you have multiple class packs on your account? You can choose which pack to pay for your class with by clicking on "Other registration options" before confirming your booking.

How do I change my payment details / add card details to Team Up?

From time to time you may want to change how you pay for your membership payments. You might want to switch the credit card you are using.

these quick steps to update your payments information:

I have a Class Pack but it's not letting me register for class?

Please note our Class Packs / Practice Packs/ Packs of 1:1s are valid from the date of purchase. You can view your expiration date of your class pack on your Team Up account under "Memberships". PPS will not amend your expiration date under any circumstances. 

I want to buy a pole; can you help?

Yes! We are an authorised re-seller of X-Pole (which are the same brand we have in the studio). Simply get in touch with us either in the studio or by email at info@pivotpolestudio.co.uk to discuss what’s best for you. You'll even get 10% off as thanks for purchasing through PPS. 

Do you do gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase these via our store here. We offer gift vouchers from £10 - £250. These can either be emailed to you or collected in the studio. 

Gift vouchers can be used on any of our Class Packs, Single Class Credits, Practice Packs, 1:1 Sessions, merchandise or in house workshops. They are not applicable on guest instructor workshops.

To validate your gift voucher please email us with the code on your voucher and we'll apply a credit to your account. This credit (and outstanding balance) will be visible on your Team Up account when you come to pay.