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  • I'm completely new to Pole & don't know where to begin?
    Firstly, welcome! We're so excited to hear you want to try Pole! For all those who are completely new to Pole with little to no experience, you'll need to start with our 4 Week Intro to Pole Series. We run this every month and have several day/ time options to suit everybody (choose one day and time slot and attend the same for 4 weeks). You can read more about this & check availability here. You can also join to our Mailing List here to be one of the first to hear about them going on sale each month! Once you've found an available Course that suits you, simply create a TeamUp account with us, complete our Health & Safety Waiver there and book and pay. All payments are final and non-refundable but you can read more of our FAQs about our Intro Course that may cover more questions you have!
  • Do you offer Taster Sessions?
    Maybe you're unsure if Pole is for you and if you want to commit to a 4 Week Course. And that makes complete sense! We run our Taster Sessions monthly. It's a great way to see the space, meet some of our Instructors and get a taste of what our Intro to Pole course will be like. If you enjoy it, you'll get the chance to book our upcoming courses early before anyone else at the end of the Taster Session! To see our upcoming Taster Sessions, head to our TeamUp Schedule here and you can use the Class Type drop down menu to quickly find and book upcoming Beginner Taster Sessions. Check out our other FAQs on what to bring and wear to classes if you need!
  • How much is the Intro to Pole Course & how many Classes do I get?
    Our 4 Week Intro to Pole Course is £48 for 4 weeks. You'll attend the same day and time for 4 weeks and each class is 1 hour. All payments are non-refundable. Please note you cannot change or switch between day/time slots in any given term, so if you cannot attend a session this will be forfeited as we also do not offer make up sessions.
  • Do I have to attend the same day and time each week for Intro to Pole?
    Yes. We offer 3 day/time slot options for our Intro to Pole course each month so choose the one that best suits you. If you cannot attend one (or more) of your course we cannot offer make up sessions. We recommend you are able to attend as many of the 4 sessions as possible to get the most out of your booking.
  • What happens if I need to miss a Class from my Intro Course or need to cancel in full?
    We understand life happens and we're here to help as best as we can. If you cannot make one of your classes from your Course, but want to attend the rest, this is not a problem. Simply log into your TeamUp account and "opt out" of that session. Easy as that! No need to email us to let us know; we'll see from the register you won't be attending. If you cannot make the entirety of your Course, please let us know as soon as possible before your Couse begins. If you give us 72 hours notice, or more, we'll be able to apply the £48 to your TeamUp account as general credit (no expiration date) to use on a future course with us. Please note all payments are final and non-refundable and if our Intro to Pole course prices increase in future, the difference will need to be paid. Please email Jess at to cancel and discuss your options. If you can no longer attend your Course but either cancel once the Course has started or with less than 72 days notice, your booking will be forfeited and lost with no refund or account credit, unless your space sells.
  • What other Classes can I join as a complete Beginner?
    We hope, as a Member of Pivot Pole Studio, you want to really get stuck in and try as many classes as possible! During your 4 Week Intro to Pole Course, you'll be welcome to join in on any of the following PAYG classes: Flexibility Flow Pole Conditioning SXY Floor Flow Pole Practice Private / Semi- Private Lessons Any workshop marked as Beginner Friendly These will give you a great cross training and you'll see progress in your strength & flexibility in no time! You can read more about these Classes on our Class Description page.
  • What happens after my Intro to Pole Course?
    After your 4 Week Intro to Pole Course is completed, you'll be welcome to book into any class listed as Intro Progression. All other classes past your Intro to Pole Course are PAYG, so you can attend as many days and times as you please (alongside Flexibility Flow, Pole Conditioning, SXY Floor Flow & Pole Practice). We recommend you pre-book your Intro Progression classes early (even during your time on the course) to avoid disappointment. These are bookable 5 weeks in advance.
  • How big are Classes?
    Our pole classes are capped at 8 Members in total, with 2 Members per Pole. Meaning you get ample Pole & Instructor time as well as meeting new people! Our Flexibility Flow & SXY Floorwork sessions are open to 10 people.
  • What do I wear & bring to my Pole / Flexibility class?
    For Pole Classes at Intro to Pole level, we recommend a vest top (underarm grip) and shorts or 3/4 leggingss (back of the knee grip needed). At a higher level more skin grip may be needed between the thighs, side of the body etc, but we understand that everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to clothes, so we encourage you to take your time and work within your comfort zone. You'll never be pushed to wear what doesn't feel good but please note a lot of Pole tricks may be difficult without skin grip. All our classes (with the exception of Pole heels which are optional and you're welcome to bring) are in bare feet but you may want to bring socks too! We also recommend bringing water, a notepad (we sell them here!), your phone, kneepads and a small towel or cloth to clean your Pole. We ask for you to remove all jewellery (rings, watches, bracelets) before class and do not wear any hand/body moisturisers, lotions, oils or fake tans on the day as it makes you and your Poles slippery and unsafe for you, your Instructor and fellow Members. It also means most of your moves will be impossible. For Flexibility Flow we recommend layering up in clothes that are form fitting but allow you to move, and you can un-layer if feeling too warm. For stretching we want to be as warm as possible to get the most out of it! We recommend reading the class description on TeamUp for more details.
  • I have some previous Pole experience/ I'm moving from another Studio. Which class is for me?
    Whether you're moving cities, visiting Edinburgh, or just looking for a new Studio, we're excited to be welcoming you to Pivot! We understand all Studios have their own levelling system, so ours may be different to what you're used to. You can always check out our Class Descriptions on our website or drop us an email for further information.
  • What are your Levels like?
    At Pivot Pole Studio we have 4 Main Levels of Pole abilities, each with their own pre-requisites. Studio Owner Jess has worked hard, using her 10+ years experience of teaching to strike a balance between safe training, personal progression and fun! This is to ensure all our Members are learning at a rate that feels good for them and placing safety first. Our 4 Levels are: Intro to Pole (course) / Intro Progression Improver Intermediate Advance During your classes you'll be guided through our Core Moves & Combos in each level. Once you can do them all on both sides safely and with good technique, you'll be invited to the next level for new challenges. Please don't be disheartened if we say you're not ready for the next level; we want the best for our Members (and their bodies!).
  • Am I too big/ old/ young / unfit to start Pole?
    Nope, nope & nope! As part of our ethos, we strongly believe that all bodies are good bodies, and that all bodies can Pole! Pole is so much more than fancy tricks and athleticism. It's about finding movement that feels good to you, enjoying it and getting out of your head and into your body. Our aim isn't unrealistic weight loss promises, but fostering self-acceptance and love through movement. Our Poles have no weight limit, so no, you won't break them. Our minimum age for Members starting is 16 years old but we have no upper age limit.
  • What is the minimum age to start Pole with Pivot?
    We require Members to be 16 years or older to attend Classes/ Private lessons with us. We are currently neither trained nor insured to teach under 16 years.
  • Can Men attend Classes?
    As an inclusive space we welcome everybody to our Studio for classes. This is with the understanding (of all our Members, regardless of gender) that each Member is respectful to everyone who steps through the door.
  • I'm Trans / Non-binary. Can I attend Classes?
    YES! A huge part of our ethos here at Pivot Pole Studio is our commitment to making our space and classes open to everyBODY. We understand (as best as we can) that fitness spaces can seem daunting and unwelcoming, and we want to do our best to change that narrative. All our teaching has been adapted to be gender neutral, and we will always ask Members' pronouns before you join us (so we can welcome you just as you are!) and at the beginning of class so all Members can get to know one other's names and pronouns. Respect & kindness is super sexy and important to us, so if any of our Members feel uncomfortable they are welcome to speak to a PPS Team Member and we'll be happy to advocate for you should you wish. We have a zero tolerance policy on any bullying or harassment based on anything (including Instructor/Members' sexuality, gender, religion, race, appearance, personality). Anyone not upholding this will be immediately asked to leave.
  • Do you offer Private Lessons?
    Yes we do! You can check availability & book here. All Private Lessons are for 1 person. If you'd like to book for 2 or more people please get in touch at to arrange.
  • How do I refer a friend? Or how do I use a referral a friend gave me?
    We love new friends! And did you know you can get £5 account credit and your friend gets a free Pole Practice session, if you refer a friend to us? To refer a friend, simply follow these steps. To sign up using a referral code follow these steps. There's no limit on how many friends you can refer. Your friend will need to sign up and book a session with us for you to receive your bonus.
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