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studio etiquette

No jewellery is to be worn during classes (which includes rings, watches, bracelets and large earrings). This is to prevent damage to our poles and reduce the risk of injury to you.

Hand cream, body lotion, sun lotion, oils & fake tan must not be applied on the day of class as it makes you & the poles slippy and dangerous.

PPS is a shoe free zone; only Pole specific shoes such as Pleasers, which are not worn outside, are permitted.​ Please remove shoes before entering.

Do not use the equipment prior to warming up or after cooling down. Please ensure you stay for cool down; this is very important for injury prevention.

​Give your Instructor your full attention during warm up, cool down and whilst they are demonstrating a move.

Put your mobile phone on silent throughout class and only used during class to take photos/ videos. If you need to take a call or text, please take this outside.

​Do not teach other Members new moves which they have not been shown. Everyone is working at different levels. You will be asked to leave.

​Do not try a new move outside of your ability without checking with your Instructor. You will be asked to leave.

Use a mat and spotter if you are performing a move you are unsure about.

Be thoughtful of other Members/ Instructor's privacy when taking photos/ videos and uploading them online.

​Do not chew gum in class as it's a choking hazard

Please respect our space & keep it tidy by taking any rubbish with you & cleaning up any mess (including spilt Pole Grip/ nails that have fallen off/ water spillages).

Wipe the poles, yoga mats & crashmats after your have finished using them for the next Member & bring your own towel.

​No food in the Studio & all drinks in a sealed container.

​Do not come to class under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will be asked to leave.

Advise your Instructor of any injuries or illnesses prior to your session.

Be aware PPS has a zero tolerance policy towards abuse/ bullying/ harassment of fellow Members and/or Instructors. This includes harassing behaviour based on gender, age, sexuality, race, religion, appearance.​​ you will immediately be asked to leave and your remaining account credits will be refunded.

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