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Imagine a place where every body was not only welcome, but celebrated.  A place you can leave your stresses at the door, and enjoy movement without judgement. 

Pivot Pole Studio is a bijou movement space, nestled in the former 1940's Crawford's Biscuit Factory. We welcome students of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, genders and we cater for absolute beginners right up to professional; helping you to hone in on the best possible version of you mentally and physically. Improve your stamina, flexibility, motor skills, coordination, confidence levels and muscle endurance, all whilst having fun learning from certified, experienced Instructors. We can't wait to meet you and help you unleash the inner dancer you didn't know you had inside of you!

We keep our classes small to deliver a high quality experience to our students to truly give you the space to come try a new way to love your body, learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy movement, at whatever level. 


If you're new to Pole, or you’ve had a break, this is the perfect place for you to begin your journey and at Pivot Pole Studio we believe that strong foundations are the very essence of a great Pole Dancer and athlete! Reclaim (or discover!) your confidence, improve strength, posture, flexibility, grace, and coordination.


Within this 6-week programme you will learn the very foundations that all other Pole spins, poses and tricks are built upon. Learn how to move around the Pole with precision and control with a range of graceful spins, fluid transitions, fun floorwork and strengthening exercises. As well as learning loads of fun new moves you'll have the opportunity to choreograph a fun, short routine at the end of the 6 weeks!

Our May/ June Term is currently fully booked. Why not sign upto our Online Membership for access to at home training you can commit to without a pole and in the meantime sign up here for updates on our July/ August term when they become available.




Irrespective of your age, gender, race, fitness level, shape or size, we have a class for you to enjoy in a non-judgemental, safe and encouraging environment. We pride ourselves on creating a really friendly community where members from all walks of life can support, encourage and get to know one another in a place they look forward to visiting each week! We also have a wonderful bunch of students from the LGBTQIA+ community who can't wait to welcome you either!


We know that all bodies are good bodies and all bodies can pole. Whatever shape or size you are, you are welcome at Pivot Pole studio. We make it our personal mission to nurture body positivity and confidence within all our students throughout their time with us through our personalised lessons and encouraging professional tuition. Rather than focusing on unrealistic weight-loss expectations, we aim to focus on fostering self-esteem, strength and longevity. So let's shed that narrative that we are too unfit, weak, inflexible or unworthy and let's get going!


We believe everyone should be able to experience the fun, freedom and expression of movement.  Because of this we aim to make our classes and facilities as available and affordable to our students as possible. This is possible through regular class options and discounts with the more classes you want to attend.  We also run a range of classes catering to different levels and tastes, so you're bound to find something that ignites a fire within you.



Studio Founder, Pole & Flexibility Instructor

My journey towards opening the studio began in 2011, when I (at the time, shy, reserved and unconfident) took my first Pole class and just fell in love with it.  Was I any good at it? Hell no! Did I enjoy it? I most certainly did.

Flash forward 7 years, after managing other studios in the city, I decided to take the plunge and open up a space which would let me bring my vision to life.

I started Pole (and dancing in general) with no prior experience, limited flexibility, strength and coordination.  Pole has taught me to truly love myself for who I am, and to enjoy moving just for the pure joy of it, and I'm excited to give my students' the opportunity to experience that themselves in a space that is free of judgement and shame. 

• 3 Star PDC Approved Instructor

• Spin City Beginners Pole Instructing

• Spin City Anatomy & Physiology

• Spin City Flexibility & Stretching

• Spin City Pole Fabrics

• Spin City Strength & Conditioning

• Spin City Spinning Pole 

• Xpert 1 & 2 Pole 

• Xpert Spinning Pole

• Xpert Flexibility Flow 

• Xpert Essential Science of Heels

• Advanced Stretching Technique Instructor

• First Aid Trained ​

• COVID-19 Awareness Certified

• Nominated "Most Inclusive" , "Most Supportive", "Star Role Model" and "Commitment to Excellence" at the PWF Polexcellence Awards 2019

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Pole Instructor

I enjoy going fast and being upside down! Formally an acro gymnast for almost fifteen years, (even competing for Scotland a few times), my desire to get a degree at uni forced me to start spending more time the right way up. By 2017, I simply couldn't live that way anymore, so I started pole dancing so I could spend as much time as possible upside down. I immediately became completely obsessed and discovered that my legs are too long for Instagram!

I love conditioning, and will plank anywhere and everywhere. My favourite tricks include straight-edge, pegasus and superman. I am the handstand queen and will incorporate handstands into pretty much everything I do! So come unleash strength you never knew you had with me!


• Spin City Beginners Pole Instructing

• Spin City Intermediate Pole Instructing​
• Xpert Spinning Pole

• Xpert Essential Science of Heels
• First Aid Trained ​

• 1st Place MMPS 2019 - Instructor

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