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As we prep for our growth by Spring 2024, there will be some changes to our pricing structure, class credits structure and general Terms & Conditions. All updates will be clearly available on this page, our monthly newsletter, social media and also on TeamUp. Please take time to familiarise yourself with these updates. As you can appreciate a big change like expanding requires a lot of work but I will endeavor to make this move as undisruptive to Students as possible. Once this period of change is over we look forward to a long period of calm & dancing together.

Studio Expansion Update

Unfortunately the space at Timber Bush we were hoping to secure is no longer an option due to unforeseen structural issues. However, we have the wonderful opportunity to take over the much larger unit next door to our current Studio.  So we are delighted to be keeping our beloved Studio in our current location. This gives us much more opportunity to grow and offer more to you in terms of classes, class spaces, workshops etc, all whilst keeping the intimacy of our classes (which is important to us). As we update & improve our current space and fit out the new space, this will result in a short closure but please note any credits and bookings will be extended / rescheduled to accommodate this, so no one will lose out. We are hoping for us to be in our new spaces by March 2024 at the latest. Until then, I thank you so much for your patience, kindness and understanding. 

Price Increases

Our prices will be increasing ever so slightly as of 1st December 2023 due to both rising operation costs & to support our growth.  Single PAYG classes will be rising to £13, Blocks of 4 to £48, and Blocks of 8 to £94. Prices for Open Practice, Private Studio Hire & Private Lessons will remain the same.

Changes to Class Credits & Packs

Single Credits & Blocks' expiration conditions will be changing as of 1st December 2023.  These will  temporarily be valid until 31st January 2024. We hope to start fitting out / improving our spaces by February 2024, if not before, and we will be closed whilst this happens.


Once we reopen, Credits will be valid for 4 weeks from the date of purchase, (for example if you purchase your credits on 1st February they will be valid for 4 weeks from 1st February).  Private Lesson credits will remain valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. This information will be clear to read before buying so read all the information carefully and reach out with questions before buying if you are unsure.  In the event of a Studio closure (for example Christmas holidays) or class cancellations due to PPS, extensions will be arranged by the Office to account for this so you won't miss out.


All existing Class Credits/ Blocks on your account will remain valid until used in accordance with their current T&Cs and expiration dates, but will no longer be available to purchase as of 30th November 2023.

As usual, it is your responsibility to check class availability before buying. It is your responsibility to use your credits before they expire. There will be no refunds, exchanges or extensions. No exceptions (with the exception of serious injury/ illness / pregnancy).

Class Bookings

Classes will be automatically available to book 4 weeks in advance via TeamUp. So no more missing out or panic booking on a certain day or time.  You can head to our TeamUp calendar every day to book for up to 4 weeks in advance of the current date.  Exceptions to this will be in-house/ guest workshops, photoshoots etc, which we will give you more advance notice of to book.

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