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If you're new to Pole, or you’ve had a  long break, this is the perfect place for you to begin your journey and at Pivot Pole Studio we believe that strong foundations are the very essence of a great Pole Dancer and athlete! Reclaim (or discover!) your confidence, improve strength, posture, flexibility, grace, and coordination. 


Within this 4-week Course you will learn the very foundations that all other Pole spins, poses and tricks are built upon. Learn how to move around the Pole with precision and control with a range of graceful spins, fluid transitions, fun floorwork and strengthening exercises. As well as learning loads of fun new moves you'll have the opportunity to choreograph a fun, short routine at the end of the 4 weeks! Pole is for everyBODY so there are no prerequisites or strength/ flexibility requirements for you to join. So come get out of your head and into your body! 

The important bit: The course is £45 for 4 weeks. Attend the same day & time each week for 4 weeks. Once you've completed our 4 Week Course, you'll be welcomed to book into our weekly PAYG Intro Progression classes; attending as many times as you like to suit your schedule. We recommend you can attend as many of the 4 weeks as possible as there are no make up classes available. Course dates announced in our monthly newsletter. Sign up here. Check dates, availability and book via our TeamUp booking system using the button below.