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festive showcase


event details

Sunday 8th December 2024

Old Dr Bells Baths

Great Junction Street, Leith

5:30pm - 10pm (est)

Theme: None!

Join us for our annual end of year, Festive Showcase! A joyous celebration of YOU & all you have achieved this year, and it would be a pleasure to have you be a part of it. I pride myself on making showcases are understandable and stress free as possible, so all the information your heart could desire is here, so give it a good read, ask any questions via email, and then bookmark it. It will also be pinned to our Whatsapp Group's descriptions (links to join below).

We have 20 spaces available for solo/ double/ small groups, and a maximum of 6 spaces in our group opening number (open to all levels). All spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. The performer fee is £25.

Please note, if applying as a doubles or small group you will all need to pay the performer fee of £25m however only 1 of you will need to follow this link to buy your performer fee.  then email me to let me know who else will be performing with & i'll send details on how your double partner/ group members can pay their fee.

There is no theme for this year, and it doesn't need to be festive or Christmassy.

your performer fee includes:

your place in the showcase

a floor based seat to enjoy the show

professional photography by Black Squid Photography

professional videography by Joe

1 x free rehearsal hour (plus more available at an additional cost)

lil snack on the day


free thank you class post showcase

please use the discount code PPSCHRISTMAS24 to get your FREE rehearsal slot. all other bookings are priced using a single practice credit (£7) and you can book as many as you like. 


we will also be looking for volunteers on the evening. this is voluntary & you will be gifted with free classes & a free ticket to enjoy the show as thanks.


Door Kittens (1 person required)

welcoming guests at the door, checking them off the guestlists & pointing them in the direction of the toilets, bar & auditorium 



Pole Kittens (2 people required)

setting up the stage before, cleaning up the stage after each performer. putting the poles on spin/ static, applying grip to the poles, cleaning the poles, setting up & clearing up props, gathering and returning grip & props to performers before & after.

group opening number

want to perform but the idea of being up there alone and creating your own routine just too daunting at the moment? Join Pivot’s Opening Group Number under the choreography and direction of Zoë (@zoe_danceartist). We’ll cook up a fun choreography that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Whether you are a new performer who’d like to test the waters without having to worry about choreography, or an experienced performer that wants to try performing in a team…everyone is welcome! Expect some sassy dance moves, sexy floorwork, and potentially some chair dance too!

Group Ethos & Rules
Be supportive and kind to all group members. Socialising and group bonding is very much encouraged!

 Please check your schedules and ensure that you are available to attend all rehearsals. The minimum requirement is attending at least the first 5 rehearsals (dates to be confirmed by 21st May 2024). However, we understand that life happens, and in the event you
can no longer make a rehearsal, please do reach out to Zoë and she will be happy to work on accommodations.


 Have fun!

Benefits of being a part of the Opening Number
Working and dancing as part of a team! These rehearsals are a safe and fun way to learn the choreography and make new friends.

 Getting to perform without the need to think up choreography on your own! If choreography creation is something you do not want to have to think about, join our group number, and all you have to focus on is the dancing and

Guidance on Performance Technique, movement quality and choreographic devices (which may come in handy in choreographing your own amazing performances in future!)

Video promotion and Photos taken by Zoë in the lead up to the show

Testimonials from the Sexy Parfaits (PPS 6th Birthday Showcase 2024)
“It was an amazing way to be part of the show - to get to dance but taking the stress
out of choreographing a routine, it was perfect! And her choreos had us feeling good
in all the ways. Highly recommend and CANNOT WAIT TO CHEER THE NEW

“You will have the best fun, learning moves with Zoë. She makes everything fun and
approachable for everyone!"

Group Number Rehearsal Dates with Zoe

Sunday 3rd November (10am - 11:15am) *

Sunday 10th November (10am - 11:15am) *


Sunday 17th November (10am - 11:15am)*

Sunday 1st December  (10am - 11:15am) *

Sunday 8th December  (10am - 11:15am & 4pm*) 

* Please make sure you can attend all rehearsal dates before committing *

about the show & venue

The venue will be at Old Dr Bells Baths, Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5JB

there will be 1 x AGM Podium Pole which is 45mm diameter and 300cm in height. The pole can be either spin or static (and easily changed mid performance should you wish) and this will be stage right. The podium pole will be weighed down with 50kg stabalising ballasts. The podium pole will be approximately 6.4cm off the ground allowing for easy transitions on and off. We will have atmospheric lighting to illuminate your performance and more information will be available on options at a later date.

There is a bathroom with lots of mirrors (including full length), and a cafe which will act as our Green Room for you to store your items and warm up in. Please note PPS nor Old Doctor Bells Baths hold no responsibility for any loss/ damage/ theft of your own items.

There is also a bar on the night. Please do not drink before performing.

The venue will be available for you to get ready & mark out your routine between 12pm and 5pm on the day; you can come and go as you please. there will be a performer & volunteer brief at pm before doors open at 5:30pm which is mandatory.

dates for your diary:

Wednesday 22nd May 2024:  performer application open (9am)

 Friday 25th October 2024:  early bird tickets available for performers using link below

Friday 1st November 2024:  tickets on public sale

Saturday 9th November 2024: rehearsals (with stage): 4:30pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Tuesday 26th November 2024:  performer bios & mp3s due using links below

Tuesday 26th November 2024: rehearsals (no stage): 8:20pm

Friday 29th November 2024:  running order announced

Tuesday 3rd December 2024: rehearsals (no stage): 8:20pm

Saturday 7th December 2024: rehearsals (with stage): 4:30pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Saturday 7th
December 2024: rehearsals (no stage): 4:30pm / 5:30pm / 6:30pm

Sunday 8th December 2024: show day

on the day timings

10am - 12pm: venue set up

12pm - 5pm: venue available for rehearsals

4pm - 4:30pm: stage reserved for group rehearsals

5pm  - 5:15pm: performer & volunteer brief

5:30pm: doors open

6pm - 10pm (est): showtime

other helpful info:

we will have our own professional videographer for the evening capturing your routine. you are welcome to film your own routine too.

there is no minimum/ maximum song length. your routine can be whatever you like so long as it's not offensive.

if you are performing as a doubles/ small group & want to book into rehearsals in the studio, you will all need to book a space as we have limited space in the studio.

if you would like private lessons, i would recommend booking them ASAP as we get busy and would hate to not have space or time for you. do not leave this to the last minute! you can book here, or request other times here.

you will have 1 week early bird tickets for friends & family before they go on public sale. you can get these using the button below. please give the name on the booking at the door for access.

terms & conditions

by applying & paying for your performer fee, it is assumed you have read & agreed to this page in full.

all performer fees are wholly non-refundable or transferable to another show. this is because our venue deposit is partially covered by your fee, as well as insurance & photography.

if performing as a doubles/ small group only one of you will need to purchase a performer slot, and email me to let me know who is joining you so i can send out a payment link to your doubles partner/ group members for them to confirm their space with payment.

should you no longer be able to be a performer please drop me an email as soon as possible. life happens & no one will be mad! please just keep communication open.

please tell your friends & family to get their tickets early! 

you can use whatever props you like other than liquids / glitter / fire / confetti (flower petals okay). if you're unsure just ask. wear anything you like other than anything that may scratch & damage the poles, and due to the licensing of the venue, no nips or flaps (pasties okay).

please use the discount code PPSCHRISTMAS24 to get your FREE rehearsal slot. all other bookings are priced using a single practice credit (£7) and you can book as many as you like. 

this will be an over 18+ event so you are permitted to use any music/ theme but anything that is racist/ homophobic/ sexist/ whorophobic/ transphobic/ islamophobic / fatphobic will not be permitted.

it is important we respect the venue as best we can. this includes cleaning up your litter & mess when leaving and keeping it as tidy as possible. please respect any neighbours when leaving the venue.

quick links

when applying, please click the correct "performer type" from the drop down menu! if applying as a double/ small group, only one of you needs to click the button to secure your space. then email to let us know who will be performing with you & we'll send a link for them to confirm their performer fee.

Quick links to rehearsals / performer stage direction information / mp3 submissions / ticket links posted here in future.

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