At Pivot Pole Studio we put the safety and well being of our staff and clients above all else. Here we will advise on the changes and policies we have put in place to understand what you can expect from us and what we expect from our Members.  All information below has been curated in line with our current Public Health Advice from the Scottish Government so please read carefully. We require all students, Instructors and visitors to understand and abide by the following guidance at all times.  We hope everything below is informative for you and whilst we appreciate it may feel overwhelming at first we can ensure you the studio is still that same supportive, hype filled, happy space and we can’t wait to welcome you back to it!

Listed below we have details on: what's changed, our social distancing policy, our class procedures, our hygiene policy, details on cancelling a class you've booked and our COVID-19 track & trace policy. Updated: 11/05/2021


• In accordance with Government Guidelines we are. as of 17th May, able to offer Group Classes. 

• We will be operating at limited capacity of 3 students per class until restrictions lift. This means we are only offering Mixed Level Pole Classes, Practice Sessions, Studio Hire, Private Lessons and our 6 Week Intro to Pole course. 

• Whilst we run at limited capacity our prices have changed and Class Packs are unavailable. Once restrictions have lifted we will return to our full timetable and reduce our prices.

• We will continue to offer our excellent growing Online Library of pre-recorded mini lessons to offer you as wide a range of training as possible and to accommodate for the reduced numbers in real-life classes. 

​• Our 24 hour cancellation policy is still in place, however we have implemented a slightly stricter “no-show policy”.  If you fail to turn up to your booked class without cancelling on TeamUp (sending an email or message does not count),  any future bookings will be cancelled (credits returned to your account) and you will be temporarily banned from booking classes for the next 2 weeks.​ This is not applicable to last minute cancellations (although we sincerely request you give at least 4 hours notice of cancelling where possible).

• As always, our schedule of in-house and online classes are subject to change; depending on demand we may add or remove classes.

• At this point in time we do not know when restrictions will be lifted or when we can revert back to our old system of classes. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please be sure that we are doing everything possible to maintain a high quality of service, a safe training environment and fair booking system to our Members and Staff.

• All historic Memberships have been converted to general account credit to use on future sessions. 


Classes and services at Pivot Pole Studio will be temporarily different in the following ways. 




Before booking and arriving at the Studio, please familiarise yourself with our most up to date policies and procedures.

• Participation in classes is entirely voluntary and at your own risk. ​

• Please arrive outside the Biscuit Factory 5 minutes before your class is due to start (for example 5:55pm for a 6pm class). Your Instructor will let you into the building and guide you to the studio. If you miss doors opening you may miss class. No refunds will be given for latecomers. 

• Whilst waiting to be let into the studio please adhere to social distancing guidelines (2m) and wear a face covering (unless medically exempt).

• Face coverings are not mandatory during class however you may wear one if you feel necessary.

• Please try and maintain social distancing of at least 1 meter throughout class. Please do not cross into other students’ bubbles and only leave your allocated space to wash your hands, use the bin, go to the bathroom or if you need medical attention.

• Each student will have their own pole during class, however the middle pole will also be shared by your Instructor. This will be cleaned thoroughly between uses. Only use the equipment you have been assigned in class and avoid touching other equipment unnecessarily.

• Your Instructors will not be physically spotting you during these initial phases. We recommend any inverted moves to be trained with a crash mat under you. However, if your Instructor deems for you to be in an unsafe situation they will have no option but to physically spot you to safety.






• Please come to class as ready as possible (ideally already dressed in polewear/ leggings). We have no changing facilities available and want to limit time spent getting ready for class. Classes will start and finish on time so the more time spent getting ready will reduce your class time.​

• Once let into the building by your Instructor please queue in the corridor as per the floor markings. One at a time you’ll be welcomed to the studio to leave your shoes, coats and any non-essential items in the lockers provided.​

• As you enter the studio please sanitise your phone, yoga mat (if bringing) and hands using the wipes and hand sanitiser provided. Put your rubbish securely in the bin provided. Pick up a fresh cloth and find a space on the marker at your chosen pole.​

• Please only bring into the studio the essentials: your phone, grip, a small personal bottle of hand sanitiser​ and your yoga mat if you choose to bring one.

• We are a single use plastic free studio. Please bring your own water in a reusable bottle. ​

• Yoga mats will no longer be available. Should you want to use one for warm up you are welcome to bring your own. You should sanitise this before and after use.​

• Do not share grip, cloths, hand sanitiser etc. Grip (Girlie Grip and Enviro Grip) will be available to purchase in class via the Online Store.

• Each pole will have it’s own spray bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your pole and crash mat.

• The studio door will remain open during class for safe ventilation. Fans are available but please do not touch these. Please let an Instructor know if you would like them adjusted.

• In the interest of transitioning between classes smoothly, please feel free to send all post-class questions, feedback and comments in an email as the studio will need to be cleaned thoroughly for the next class.​

• At the end of class please clean your poles and crash mats thoroughly. Upon leaving the studio place your used cloth in the laundry basket provided and sanitise your hands.  Please leave promptly, collecting all your items and maintain social distancing as you leave.

Before booking and arriving at the Studio, please familiarise yourself with our most up to date policies and procedures.




Please be considerate of other clients and your Instructors



Some simple steps we expect all Instructors and Members to take to keep our space safe.

• Under no circumstances should you come to class if you are feeling unwell or if you have been advised to self-isolate. If you are unwell or showing symptoms (see below) please cancel your booked sessions immediately via Team Up

• If you can no longer make your booked class please cancel via Team Up as soon as possible (ideally with 4+ hours notice).

• If you are on the waitlist we recommend bringing your pole kit with you and signing up for text notifications in the event we get a last minute cancellation

• Wash hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds. This should be done at a minimum of entering and leaving the studio, after going to the bathroom and after coughing or sneezing.

• Catch a cough or a sneeze by covering your mouth with a tissue or your arm

• Put any used tissues in the bin immediately after and wash your hands and arm

• Where possible avoid touching your face during class

• Keep long hair tied back

• Avoid any close personal contact (hugs etc)

• When touching “high traffic” areas such as door handles etc, sanitise your hands immediately afterwards

Step 1 – Notification

If you develop symptoms within 14 days of being at the studio, or if you learn you have been in direct contact with somebody who has tested positive, we ask that you contact Jess immediately on 07552161634 or Your name and personal details will be kept confidential at all times as per our data protection policy.

Step 2 – Track and Trace

If a student or Instructor has notified the studio that they have developed symptoms/ been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will be notified as soon as possible and advised to isolate for 14 days. We will be using the contact details provided on your Team Up account so please ensure these are up to date.

Stage 3 – Cleaning and Closing

If we believe that the studio has been exposed to COVID-19, the studio will close for a period of 1 day to allow our team to conduct a rigorous deep clean. All students booked on that day will be notified and a credit returned to your account.

Stage 4 – Recording

Any outbreaks will be recorded in full in the studio’s incident report book

Stage 5 – Reopening

Once stage 3 has been completed in full, the studio will reopen. All Members will be notified via email and re-bookings will open.




If there has been an outbreak, or we feel anyone has been exposed to the virus in the studio here are the steps we will take.