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Completed our Intro to Pole course? Time for P1! In these classes your training journey will be tailored to suit you as you progress onto more challenging spins, combinations, climbing, sitting and going upside down! 

This class is suitable for:


Students who have completed our Intro to Pole syllabus (or equivalent elsewhere) and can complete a pole crunch, fan kick as well as basic spins such as Fireman and Back Hook spin. This is not suitable for complete beginners.

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Are you ready for a new challenge? P2 really turns your pole repertoire on its head!  Building on your newly built strength and flexibility, P2 will focus introduce you to a range of beautiful inverted moves, poses higher up the pole, more complex spins and combination as well as intermediate low flow and floorwork.


Classes will be tailored to suit your ability, guaranteeing a personalised class with lots of pole and Instructor time.


This class is suitable for:


Students who are confident performing a basic invert, as well as spins one handed, have a solid basic and side climb to the top of the pole and be comfortable sitting on the pole on both left and right from our Intro to Pole and P1 classes (or equivalent). 



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Here we'll start introducing advanced moves and combinations to your repertoire, including arms only moves and moves with less points of contact with the pole. We'll also work on higher intermediate and advanced low floor and floorwork.  

This class is suitable for:


Students who are confident in aerially inverting and who can comfortably shoulder mount, leg hang, layback, superman and ayesha prep on both left and right.



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You know what they say: Practice makes progress!


Practice Sessions are a great opportunity to practice moves you have been training in class. There won't be any teaching of new moves, but your Instructor will be on hand if you need tips, pointers, or spotting for the moves you have been learning.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other Members and spend time training with your friends! All dancers and aerialists are welcome!  

This class is suitable for:


All our members from Intro to Pole onwards, so long as you have something to work on which you've been taught in class! Not suitable for complete beginners.



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Private lessons are great for:

• Students who prefer 1:1 attention over class environments or large groups.

• Absolute beginners who would like to give Pole a try on a 1:1 basis.

• Nailing those nemesis tricks and spins.

• Helping with routine and competition preparations.

• Enjoying pole with a friend or two!

• Students who struggle to make weekly classes but want to progress in their poling.

We have a range of hours available over the week, every week, and can cater for all levels of Polers from Beginner to Advance.  We can offer group privates for 2 or more people. Drop us a line if you're unsure which Instructor would be best to suit your needs (all our Instructors have their own strengths!)