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buy a pole

got the pole bug & want to train at home? awesome! we are an authorised reseller of XPole products so when ordering through us you can enjoy 10% off your order every time!

why XPole?

XPole are the leading supplier & most trusted brand of pole & aerial equipment, used by studios & renowned artists worldwide. their equipment is engineered to the highest standard & suitable for beginners to professionals. each product has been developed in consultation with leading dancers & aerialists to meet their demands. we wouldn't choose anything else for our studio!

studio poles

our studio's poles are competition dual lined poles with x-locks, in stainless steel. we have 6 × 45mm poles & 1 × 40mm pole. the closest option for a home pole would be a 45mm stainless steel or chrome XPert Pro.

pole types

there are lots of different options to suit different budgets & requirements: XSports, XPerts, Xpert Pros, XStages and XStage Lites, to name but a few.  we recommend reading about the different options on XPole's website to decide which is best for you! 

pole finishes

there are lots of different options for pole finishes, each with their own benefits and budgets. you can read more about each finish on XPole's website!


before you order your pole, you'll need to check your ceiling stability, training space & ceiling height.  this will let you know if your ceiling space & training space is safe & suitable to install a pole and if you'll need any extensions.


PPS accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by your order. you are responsible for ensuring your training space is suitable & your equipment is installed safely, correctly & regularly maintained. we recommend warming up prior to training & cooling down after, as well as training within your ability, using safety precautions such as a crash mat & spotter. PPS holds no responsibility for non-delivery or late delivery. should you need to return your XPole order, please get in touch with PPS via email as soon as possible to arrange a return within 14 days. The product may be returned in the same condition you received it in, in it's original packaging. we cannot guarantee stock levels & availability of all items. please note carry cases are not included with some items & can be added onto your order. if you need assistance in installing your pole please get in touch. for more information we recommend reading the manufacturer's FAQS.

ready to order?

once you've decided which pole you'd like you can complete the below form to finalise your order. please mak sure you have completed the form in full as missing information may add delays to your order. you will then be emailed an invoice with our payment details (by bank transfer). once this has been paid, PPS will finalise your order with XPole and your order will be shipped via UPS within 7 working days. Please make sure you check your spam folder incase your invoice goes there. Any stock shortages will result in you being notified.  if you have any technical questions please reach out to XPole directly. 

Please note that we cannot offer XPole's financing option with Reseller orders. If you'd prefer this option you will need to purchase directly from XPole's website. XPole's standard returns policy applies to all orders. by completing this order form it is assumed you have read & understood all the above information.

ready to buy?

✌️ Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you shortly with some options & a quote! Please check your spam too!

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