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To book your classes you will be redirected to our designated Scheduling System, TeamUp. Classes are availabe to book 6 weeks in advance.


Sign up for our classes quickly and easily via the TeamUp Schedule or by downloading the TeamUp app.  If you're new to us you'll just need to take a few minutes to create a TeamUp account and complete a few questions before you're ready to go!  To view your Profile, you can log in directly below. This will allow  you to see all your bookings. From your TeamUp account you can easily book & cancel your classes. To view courses, sessions for a specific venue, a particular class type, or by teacher, please use the drop down menu on the left just below when on your phone, or at the top when on your laptop.

Unsure which class is for you? Check out our Class Descriptions  as we have all the information you'll need. Still a bit stuck? Drop us a line.